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What is Lessons Without Lectures?

As a homeschooling parent, do you ask yourself:

  • Where can I find a safe platform for my teen to discuss ideas, similar to what would be found in a traditional classroom setting?
  • What can I do to encourage them to think for themselves?

Or, on a more basic level, do you just find yourself asking

  • How in the world do I teach high school literature?

The answers to those questions can be found in Lessons Without Lectures - a multi-year high-school level literature program designed to teach your teens the skills mentioned above while they participate in moderated group discussions.

The ability to discuss opinions, thoughts, and personal perspectives in a positive manner is becoming increasingly rare these days. However, we understand that healthy dialogue is crucial to effecting positive change in ourselves and our society.

Whether their next stop is college or the water cooler, this course will equip them to present their opinions with confidence and clarity.

Not ready to enroll? Leave your contact info, and we'll let you know when class opens up again!

How does Lessons Without Lectures work?

Using specially chosen books, veteran-homeschool moderators will lead students to dive into the literature and use their findings to engage in the lost art of exchanging ideas through civil discourse.

At the start of each lesson, students watch a short video and receive instruction on specifics about the upcoming material. In the weeks following, discussion questions will be posted, and each student adds their answers in the private forum. At the end of the book, all students participate in a Zoom conference led by the teacher/moderator.

What makes Lessons Without Lectures unique?

emphasis on moderated group discussion

not just literature study/discussion group/book study

emphasis on being able to verbalize and communicate their views

learning the art of healthy discourse in the view of alternate opinions

The Multi-Year Sequence

When you enroll your student in our complete program, they will work through the following four-year sequence:

  • American Literature
  • British Literature
  • Literature and Composition
  • Senior Seminar

Currently, the American Literature Mini-course is open, but class size is limited to 15. Register today - class starts October 1!

These courses will also be available "a la carte": COMING SOON

  • American Literature
  • British Literature
  • Literature and Composition - focusing on college prep writing skills
  • Senior Seminar - incorporating events in modern history with critical-thinking skills
  • Introduction to Shakespeare
  • 20th Century Literature
  • Literature for Leaders
  • Healing Racial Injustice through Literature

Other services

  • A certificate of completion is provided to all students who have participated in the forums and Zoom conferences. We do include a "mini-training" to teach parents how to create a grading rubric so that they can grade with confidence. We will provide grading as an option for a reasonable fee. Just ask us once you enroll!
  • Additional (and optional) writing assignments are also presented at the end of each book, to be completed at the parent's discretion. Again, parents are encouraged to use their own grading rubric to assign a final grade.
  • We also offer free transcript assistance for all families who complete at least a 2-year sequence of classes with us.

Your instructors/moderators

Wife to one, mother to five and homeschooler for 20+ years, Pat has a passion to encourage moms to rock their homeschool! Having graduated four of her children through high school, Pat realizes the importance of teaching our children to explore and verbalize their opinions, and engage in healthy discussion with others of varying perspectives.

A staunch believer in the power of words, Candy has incorporated literature-based discussion in her homeschool program for more than 20 years. She has a strong desire to facilitate healthy, engaging conversation that leads to deeper thinking and better doing. Using this method, among others, Candy has successfully graduated three of her four children who are now making a positive difference in the world. She’s excited to begin helping other families do the same!

Not ready to enroll? Leave your contact info, and we'll let you know when class opens up again!